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elokuu 11, 2011

The personal pronouns in my work very often seem to be like variables in an equation. ”You” can be myself or it can be another person, someone whom I’m addressing, and so can ”he” and ”she” for that matter and ”we”; sometimes one has to deduce from the rest of the sentence what is being meant and my point is also that it doesn’t really matter very much, that we are somehow all aspects of a consciousness giving rise to the poem and the fact of addressing someone, myself or someone else, is what’s the important thing at that particular moment rather than the particular person involved. I guess I don’t have very strong sense of my own identity and I find it very easy to move from one person in the sense of a pronoun to another and this again helps to produce a kind of polyphony in my poetry which I again feel is a means toward greater naturalism.

-John Ashbery, 1972

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  2. elokuu 12, 2011 2:17 pm

    eli ashbery sanoi 40 vuotta sitten sen, mitä suomessa ei ole vieläkään yleisesti tajuttu. hooray! mutta ehkä nämä ovat yksilöllisiä ilmestyksiä, jotka syklin jossain vaiheessa oppii ymmärtämään, riippumatta ulkoisesta ajasta.


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