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helmikuu 2, 2010
"We must now specify the precise role of one who in writing, in accepting death through literature, is more the less compromised within his society. This existence is initially experienced as an inconvenience: "Literary existence, except for one, [the] true, which is spent in arousing presence, within harmonies and significations, occurs, with the world, only as inconvenience," And further: "Literature, which has this in common with hunger, consists in suppressing the Gentleman who remains in the writing of it. What function can he have, in an everyday sense, in the eyes of those around him?"

The writer or, more precisely, the scriptor, whatever he may do, is therefore entirely cut off insofar as his work is directed at the unconscious functioning of language, insofar as this work constitutes a continually renewed and mute solitude which Mallarmé describes as "the derogation of destiny, at least, socially." Nevertheless, the consequences of this retreat are paradoxical: if he forbids himself all links and all ownership, if he forces himself to "satisfy some singular instinct, to possess nothing and simply to pass by," if he thus defines someone desiring to be nothing and to have nothing in particular, someone "infinitely alone on earth" – he also discovers an unoforeseen coincidence with the most alienated individual, the proletarian. It is of him that Mallarmé is thinking, as he writes: "How sad that for these my production remains, especially, like clouds at dusk, vain." "These constellations," he writes, "are beginning to glimmer: how I would like, in the darkness that steals over the blind herd, for some points of light, such as [were] thought just now, to become visible, despite these sealed eyes that do not pick them out – to establish this, to give it precision, to give it voice."

Philippe Sollers, ’Literature and Totality’ (Writing and the Experience of Limits)

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